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                                                         Car Buying Made Easy for English Speakers in Spain

For English speakers in Spain it can be a daunting task to find and negotiate the purchase of a left hand drive or Spanish registered car. This website could help you to find the perfect car for your needs at the best possible price!!

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Generally speaking, cars for sale by the Spanish in Spain tend to be more expensive than the equivalent car you could buy in the UK. However, there are always a lot of better priced left hand drive cars for sale privately by the English speaking community and by a variety of English car dealers located mainly in the coastal regions of Spain.

One of the best resources for finding LHD cars for sale is through Ebay ads and auctions. Go to the following page to see buying tips and a quick link to view cars for sale by English speakers in Spain. Click HERE

Spanish registered cars in Spain sold recently by English

BMW For Sale in Spain

2006 BMW 320D Diesel Sold for 3750GBP

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If you are still living in UK and planning a move to Spain or you are buying a holiday property where you would like to keep a car at your disposal for your future visits, a good idea is to source a left hand drive car in the UK market.

There are two options for buying a car to take to Spain, the best one is to find a Spanish registered car that has been brought back by somebody returning permanently to the UK. For information about legal requirements for cars in Spain and a quick direct link to view Spanish registered cars currently for sale in UK. Click HERE

Left Hand Drive Peugeot 206 For Sale in Spain

2001 LHD Peugeot 206 Sold for 900GBP

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Alternatively, you could buy a left hand drive car with an English or other European registration plate which you can take to Spain and then change the registration at a later date. To avoid Spanish import taxes this option is only really cost effective if you can buy the car with paperwork to show that it was bought at least six months prior to any form of personal registration with the Spanish authorities, as would be needed for example, if you bought a property in Spain. For information regarding taxes and customs duties on modern & classic cars and to view all LHD cars currently for sale in UK Click HERE

2009 LHD Renault Kangoo For Sale in Spain

2009 Renault Kangoo Sold for 4990GBP

Buying a Specialist or Luxury Car in Europe

If you are in the market to buy a late model left hand drive luxury or specialist car such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, & Lamborghini etc. there are some extremely attractive prices to be found in countries like Germany, Italy, Holland and Belgium. Even taking into account the costs of transporting the car to Spain, huge savings can be made on the overall purchase price.

A lot Spanish car buyers go down this route to buy both new and used luxury cars, although with recent changes to regulations to even out the prices of new cars in Europe, buying a brand new car this way is not quite as attractive as it once was.

Go to our webpage HERE to view LHD luxury and specialist cars for sale by manufacturer and country.

Left Hand Drive 2011 BMW Series 5 550i For Import to Spain

LHD Porsche 911 For Sale in Germany

Transporting your Car to and from Spain

If you are successful in purchasing a car and need to have your car transported to or from Spain, we can assist you.

We have a network of trusted and fully insured vehicle transporters located all over Europe and USA who will transport your car to Spain with the care and professionalism that it deserves.

For a price quote, go to our webpage Transporting your Car to Spain & send us an email with vehicle details and collection / delivery locations and we will be pleased to send you a no obligation quote.

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Save up to 50% on Car Parts in Spain!!

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Obtaining Parts in Spain for RHD UK Registered Cars & LHD Spanish Registered Cars

If you can do the repairs on your own car and need parts but have difficulty with finding or ordering them in Spain we can assist you and save you a lot of money at the same time!!

Up to 50% savings on garage prices!!

Click Car Parts in Spain to see full information, buying tips and to ask us to help find the parts you need..

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